How To Cheat at Mafia Wars

More truthfully, this is  “How to Take Maximum advantage of the rules in Mafia Wars”.

If you play correctly, you can get to a point where you will never run out of energy.  You can just level up over and over and over.

Today I played for just a little while and completed over 4,800 jobs:

Mafia Wars Profile Page

This is what you need to do:

  1. If you haven’t started yet, choose the Maniac mafia type.  This isn’t required, but just makes the game go faster.
  2. Find a Mafia Wars group to find people that will join your mafia.  Send them friend requests and start to fill up your mafia with the highest level guys.  The two most important slots to fill in your Top Mafia is your Mastermind and Wheelman.  I made sure I filled them with guys that gave me an 11% reduction each:
    Mafia Wars Mastermind
    This gives me a collective 22% bonus for all my jobs – HUGE.

    For your Mastermind, you are looking for someone that has completed a lot of jobs, and for your Wheelman you are looking for a high level Fearless mafia type.

    My Mastermind has completed 27,500 jobs, and my Wheelman is Level 358.  These are high numbers, but relatively easy to find.

  3. Add every skill point to your Energy as you aquire them.
  4. Whenever you can, spend 14 Godfather points to receive 4 additional Skill points, and add them to your Energy.

It won’t happen right away, but eventually, you will have so many Energy points that you will never run out.  I was able to complete all of Cuba in one sitting, along with most of the Boss level.

Once you have completed all jobs, there is no end (at least so far).  You can complete the best paying job, “Settle a Beef…Permanently” forever. I levelled about 100 times today alone.
And just to show you how cool it is, I completed jobs for the same amount of time it took me to write all this up (about 10 minutes). This was where I started:

Mafia Wars Jobs

And after 10 minutes:

Mafia Wars Jobs

It would take a normal player well over a week to complete 30 levels!

Every “trick” has a down side, but in this case I don’t think it is a big deal. Because you are spending all your skill points in Energy, you will be very weak and get robbed and killed more often. But since there are no real penalties, this is a small price to pay.

Only Idiots Will Buy a PS3

Excuse me if I offend anyone, but you would seriously have to be some kind of moron to buy a PS3 for twice the price of a much better Xbox 360:

  1. Sony has flat out lied to its fans that they were going to launch this March, when everyone in the industry knew it wasn't going to happen. For gods sake, the development kits weren't even out that long.  We can debate whether it is a lie, but those reading all the press releases knew something stunk. Link
  2. Because of the Immersion lawsuit, the Dual Shock has been nuked.  A controller with no rumble is so 1990’s. Link
  3. No HDMI in the $499 version. That means that some Blu-Ray DVD movies may not play in High Def.  “Future Proof”, ha.  Link
  4. There has been more than one report that the graphics are not that much better than the Xbox 360, and certainly not for so much more $$$. Link 
  5. Sony is losing some of its exclusives. EA Online is now Xbox Live Enabled and Grand Theft Auto IV was just announced as an Xbox 360 exclusive. Link
  6. Xbox Live is absolutely awesome. There is no way Sony can match that right away. NO WAY, do you hear me?
  7. Sony stands to lose $900,000,000 on the PS3 launch. The reason? Building a cell processor that is not much better yet way cheaper Xbox IBM processor, and the Blu-Ray drive. Link
  8. First generation Blu-Ray drive speed will be 1x or 2x, which will cause much slower load times than the Xbox 360. Link
  9. Developers working on games for the PS3 have said it is much harder to develop games for than the Xbox 360. Link
  10. Microsoft will be cutting their price down to $219 and $299 in October.  That will make the PS3 TWICE as expensive.  Link
  11. What parent in their RIGHT MIND would pay for an $800 toy for their teenager? ($600 system + $50 controller + $60 game + $60 tax).
  12. Oh yeah, and what if Blu-Ray loses the war?  Sony tends to lose these races.  Link
  13. Halo 3.  Wow.  Link
  14. $500 version also won’t support wireless controllers. Link

Why the PS3 Will Suck

If you know me, you know I am a big Xbox 360 fan.  Heck, I have a whole category devoted to my 360 diatribes.  But the funny thing is I don’t want the PS3 to suck, although it is going to.

Here’s the deal:  Sony screwed up big time and got out-maneuvered by Microsoft.  And they are ridiculously behind.  Sony, to catch up, is promising crazy release dates, and adding crazy hardware to try to lure people to buy it. 

The latest hardware estimate by Merril Lynch prices it at $800.  And why the heck are they putting a blu-ray drive in there?  Why spend $350 on a drive that is locked in a format war and may lose?

It certainly seems that Sony is adding these expensive hardware parts because they know their content is inferior to the Xbox.  They know development for it is harder.  They know their online service will not match Xbox Live.  So they have to rush the date and add crazy hardware.

I read that it will support 1080p.  So?  1080p really means 1080p at 24 or 30 frames per second.  And at 30 frames per second all it is good for is watching films or DVD’s.  Games and television require much higher FPS’s which 30 FPS just doesn’t cut.  So Sony is adding over $400 of expense to give you a great looking DVD player?  STUPPIIDD!

Sony is now promising a HUB online service.  Will it be able to match the seriously addictive Xbox Live?  And get it working in only a few months?

I mean, come on!  At least pretend like you have a chance, Sony.

Xbox 360 Spy

In Project Gotham Racing, you can watch Gotham TV and tune into live games by some of the best racers in the world. You can also view the #1 racer for a particular race and watch a replay of his race, and even race his “ghost”. This is all cool, but I want to be able to watch my friends race.

And to take it a step further, I would love to watch a friend battle his way through Call of Duty 2 and see him getting shot in the head every 30 seconds. I could give comments and helpful advice via chat.

Even further would allow me to take over and show him what to do. Maybe only allow a maxium of a few minutes to keep people from taking credit for someone else's work.

We could call it Xbox 360 spy (Since Xbox 360 Remote Desktop sounds stupid and well, is mis-named). It would obviously be opt-in, so you would have to allow someone to watch each time they want to connect. And I am guessing that the connecting person would also need the DVD in the drive to prevent sending over all those bits.

How cool would that be?

Call of Duty 2 and other Xbox 360 Ditties

Man, Call of Duty 2 is hard. Really hard. I am playing on Veteran (the insane level), because that is the only way to get Xbox Live Achievements.

I have 3 campaigns left, but can't get past the first checkpoint of the American campaign. I have played it…I don't know…maybe 40 times and no cigar. At it isn't like I die at the same spot each time. It's about 7 minutes of fighting which culminates by running in front of a cannon. I have a knack of dying about 10 seconds from the next checkpoint.

In other news, I finished off Project Gotham Racing and started Gun to kill some time until next month.

February sees the release of Fight Night on 2/22/06, Street Fighter 2 at the end of February, and Ghost Recon soon after.