Audition for a new VH1 TV Show

I have an on camera meeting tomorrow regarding a new co-host position on some VH1 show. They are looking for an expert on computers and personal technology.  Technically, they want one guy for each subject: one for computers, one for personal technology and two others for other disciplines.

They are just gonna fire some questions at me tomorrow and see how well I can improvise.  I mean, how geeky could they really get?  This is VH1 for crying out loud.  Will the guys asking me questions even know how to format a drive?  Sheesh, watch me get humbled.

Now I have to figure out what to wear.  They want someone that is geeky/cool geeky.  So I think I am gonna wear a Star Trek shirt with some dress pants of some sort.  To be honest, I will be dressed by my wife and my brother-in-law.

It would be real cool to get this as I would ideally like to be able to work with Leo Laporte one day.  Thats my goal in life.

Doom 3 and Windows 2003

Doom III won’t let you install on Windows 2003.  Since the box says “Minimum Requirements:  Windows XP/2000“ I thought either it was an programmtic mistake in the install package OR the box is mislabeled.

I had a feeling it would run, but I had to get around the install from CD. 

Voila.  I found this at the Activision support site:

To do a manual install, do the following:

  1. Create a destination folder (for example, c:\program files\doom 3)
  2. Insert CD 1.
  3. Copy Doom3.exe from CD 1 (Setup\Data\Doom3.exe) to your destination folder.
  4. Create a “base” directory in your destination folder (for example, c:\program files\doom 3\base).
  5. Copy pak002.pk4 from CD 1 (SetupData\base\pak002.pk4) to the “base” folder.
  6. Copy game00.pk4 from CD 1 (SetupData\base\game00.pk4) to the “base” folder.
  7. Insert CD 2.
  8. Copy pak000.pk4 from CD 2 (SetupData\base\pak000.pk4) to the “base” folder.
  9. Copy pak001.pk4 from CD 2 (SetupData\base\pak001.pk4) to the “base” folder.
  10. Insert CD 3.
  11. Copy pak003.pk4 from CD 2 (SetupData\base\pak003.pk4) to the “base” folder.
  12. Copy pak004.pk4 from CD 2 (SetupData\base\pak004.pk4) to the “base” folder.
  13. Go to the base folder and create a text file called “doomkey”. NOTE: This file should not have any file extension.
  14. Open the doomkey file in notepad.
  15. Enter your CD Key exactly as it appears on the CD Key sticker. Use all capital letters and do not include any dashes.
  16. Save that file.
  17. Doom 3 should now be installed on your computer.

The final layout on the CD drive should look like this:

[destination folder]\Doom3.exe
[destination folder]\base\doomkey
[destination folder]\base\game00.pk4
[destination folder]\base\pak000.pk4
[destination folder]\base\pak001.pk4
[destination folder]\base\pak002.pk4
[destination folder]\base\pak003.pk4
[destination folder]\base\pak004.pk4

After I did that, then updated my year old GeForce drivers, it worked beautifully. Even set at Medium Quality it rocks!

He Has A Name…

We decided on the name Tolkien.

I know what you are thinking, and this wasn’t some nerd humor naming him after JRR Tolkien because I am a Lord of the Rings freak. Well, not really…

You see, our cat is a British Shorthair. After going through the usual lists of names such as Star Trek characters, Star Wars, Mathematicians, Inventors, Actors, etc, we thought we should name him something british. We started with the counties, then looked at cities, and then thought about famous british people. That is where we thought of Tolkien.

His full name is