Technology I couldn’t live without

  1. Tivo
    Simply put, the best product ever. EVER.
  2. Netflix
    If you rent blockbuster 3 times a month or more, it is insane to not get netflix. I hardly watch TV anymore. Now I watch Star Trek every night.
  3. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones
    Absolutely phenomenal. Use it on the plane and drown out the engine noise. Use it at your computer and hear your music that much clearer.
  4. iPod
    If you like to listen to music other than on CD's, the iPod is a must.
  5. Sonicare Toothbrush
    We actually have two. Sam didn't want it at first, now she doesn't know how she ever did w/out it.

My New Razor Changes Everything

Just bought a Norelco lotion dispensing razor.  What is so great is that it works in the shower AND it came with a fog proof mirror.  Now I can bring my Sonicare toothbrush AND razor in the shower.

It even came with a fog proof mirror.  Which brings up a point.  If they can make fog-proof mirror’s, why aren’t all mirrors in the bathroom fog-proof?