I just realized that it is VERY possible that my son could be born on 6/6/6!  How cool is that?

Being a huge Iron Maiden fan half of my life, I have grown up with the song “The Number of the Beast”.  My son could have such a number as his birthday.


Every time he is asked his birthday, he can scream, “666!” and then throw his hand in the air with his pinky and index finger outstretched.


More fun with 666 at Wikipedia.

It’s a Boy

We found out last week that we are having a boy. I always thought it would be better to have a girl first and boy second so that they are more evenly matched when they fight, but it turns out it matters to me more that I will AT LEAST have one boy. Too many of my friends have all girls.

Our favorite name right now is Phoenix. Seems like everyone likes it except for both sets of parents. We wanted something unique but easy to spell, and that actually meant somethng. But for me, I love “X”'s, and I love mythological and fantasy names.