Valentines Day

p>I’d say we had a pretty unique Valentine’s Day:

First I gave her my gifts:

  • Put the wedding CD I created on her iPod Nano and changed the Artist to the wedding day, the album to “Scott Loves Samantha”, and changed each song album cover to a picture of us.
  • Compiled another wedding CD from all the songs I decided not to include or couldn’t because of space limitations.  Named the artist the same as above, and change the album to something else fun.
  • Bought a bunch of her favorite treats that she enjoys.

Then we went to get something to eat.  We went to some divey chili place my wife really thought was “cute” called, “Chili John’s.”  We were the only people in there.  We didn’t tell the guy it was our anniversary.


Then we stopped at Smart and Final to pick up a couple things and grabbed me a box of Sour Blow Pops.

After that romantic stop we went to Baby’s-R-Us to figure out what baby stuff we need.  On the way we were treated to “I Want Your Sex by George Michael” (iPod on shuffle).

I tell ya, sometimes my iPod just NAILS the right songs at the right moment on shuffle.  For instance, I was driving in front of this long line of minorities waiting for food in the parking lot of Baby’s-R-Us.  The volume was up pretty high because the prior song was recorded pretty low.  Just as we came up on the mob of people, it switched to Ludacris’ Pimpin’ All Over the World’.  And in case you don’t know, my wife and I are glow-in-the-dark white.  Nice.

I am sure you can agree, it was one of those romantic Valentine’s Day’s you only see in the movies.

iPod with Video Fun

The one gift I got this Christmas/Channuka was a new iPod. Technically, I got several gifts that I didn't like and took them back to get it, but whatev's…I got it.

I have had an iPod since the day they came out for Windows. I mean, this thing looks vintage. It's big, its scratched up, and it is dirty. But my biggest problem is that I have WAY too much stuff to fit on its 20 gigs. I would of replaced it years ago but I knew the iPod with video was coming and decided to wait.

So I got the iPod, and the first order of business was to figure out how to get my TiVo shows on to it. This was accomplished using Engadget's Article. The basic outline is:

  1. Strip TiVo Metadata (pretty fast…about 10 minutes)
  2. Convert MPEG2 to MPEG4 (looonnng…1 hour per 1 hour?)
  3. Add into iTunes. (fast)

So that chewed up my first 10 gigs of space :(.

Now onto my music. I decided to just transfer my main music folders without really qualifying what I liked or not, just because I *thought* I would have plenty of space…NOPE. Somehow I have about 60 – 70 gigs worth of music. UUUGGGGGH.

It wasn't too bad since 10 gigs are electronic music I don't even have catalogged and 5 more is just music I don't need to have on the 'Pod. I trimmed the fat, and took it for a spin.

I noticed that although I have programs that download album art to my hardrive, not all my songs displayed them while playing on the iPod. After a little research, I figured out that you gotta embed the image in the song itself, and that is how the iPod displays them.

I looked around at different programs to download and embed the art, and settled on iPodSoft iArt. Although the iTunes Art Importer is free, I thought $10 was worth the extra ease of use and few additional features.

After I updated all the albums, I noticed iArt could also download Lyrics for all my songs. These also get embedded in the mp3. 12 hours later, that was completed.

So this morning, I was excited to view all my changes. The album art is great and worked fine. But I couldn't figure out how to view the lyrics for the life of me. With a little research I found Adding song lyrics to Ipod which states:

  1. On iPod, start playing any song to which you've added lyrics.
  2. Press the Center button repeatedly. The number of times depends on if you have artwork or not. Here's the order of things when you press the Center button:
    Play status > Scrubber > Album Art > Lyrics/Description > Rating

Wow…I had no idea those menu's were even there!

Converting AAC to MP3

I just downloaded JHymn and I am really excited about it.

I love the iTunes music store, but I also love my TiVo and the ability to listen to music on my computer. The only way to listen to music on TiVo is to convert all my aac files to mp3 which translates to burning a cd, then ripping them to mp3. Yuck.

Well JHymn handles all that. It actually does MUCH MORE than what I want it for. It actually removes the DRM from the aac files completely and can convert it to mp3 (or keep the same m4p extension w/out DRM) without any loss in quality. That will allow you to listen to your aac files on an unlimited number of computers. Pretty nifty.

Read the Interview where the author discusses his program.

Problems Copying AAC Files to iPod

I feel really dumb, but somehow in the last 6 months, I couldn't figure out how to copy an AAC file that I purchased on iTunes to my iPod.

What I have tried:

  1. Dragging a file from “Purchased Music” to the iPod doesn' t work. When I drag the song over the iPod, it doesn't highlight the destination folder like it does in other folder playlists I have. It works for mp3 files, however.
  2. Dragging the filesystem folder over my iPod folder works, but it doesn't add any of the songs within it if they are AAC files.
  3. I thought maybe it wouldn't allow files I purchased from another computer, but I just bought two songs on that computer and it won't allow me to copy those either.
  4. My iTunes settings allow me to “Manually manage songs and playlists. I won't use the automatic as it severly messes up files that don't have proper tags.
  5. At the iTunes Support website there is a link to “Songs from iTunes Music Store do not copy to your iPod”, but the link is broken.
  6. Looking in the Apple Knowledge Base, I found an article called iPod troubleshooting basics and service FAQ that says I may need a new iPod version.
  7. I downloaded the iPod Updater, and it confirmed I needed a new version.

Bingo. Files were able to be copied.

It's the silly things that get ya sometimes…