Celeb Spottings March 29, 2005

A few days late on this one, but Dustin (my bro-in-law) saw Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block fame shopping in a new clothing store somewhere in Beverly Hills.

No comment on how or why he knew of him since Dustin had no sisters growing up.

This is a shout out to my sister who wore/talked/looked at NKOTB every day for two years while I was in Junior High.

[Listening to: Hanging Tough – New Kids on the Block – (3:09)]

Lunch at the Ivy

As we were walking into The Ivy, we saw Paula Abdul. We ate our lunch and then walked down Robertson for about an hour. When we came back to valet, I looked into The Ivy courtyard and saw Simon Cowell.

I don’t bug celeb’s but I considered (for a moment) bugging him and telling him the coincedence. I am sure Paula had left before he arrived with his girlfriend.

I was pretty amazed I spotted him. I am always arguing that so-and-so looks like so-and-so when Sam laughs and says it IS so-and-so. Last week I saw a girl that looked like Elizabeth Berkley. Sam came up to me later and said, “Did you see Elizabeth Berkley in Barnes & Noble?” Ugggh, I had done it again.

And yesterday Samantha saw Annette Bening walking down Bedford in front of Victorian Rose (where Sam was buying a new necklace) in Beverly Hills.

I have to say it is great being married to an actress for that reason. I just dont know celebrities names and am always referring to people as “That’s that one guy from blahdy-blah.”