How many movies have you seen this year?

This question was posed on Hacking Netflix because Becky just blogged how she has watched 200 already this year.

My count so far was 96. In comparison, I only watch about 3 shows on TV a week totalling about 2.5 hrs on TiVo, and I have been to the theater about 3 times.

That would put me at about 21 movies per month, 5.3 per week and about .7 movies per day.

Netflix Insults

I thought it would be funny to make fun of my fat friend by sending Netflix suggestions to him of every movie I could think of with either “Fat”, “Food”, or a name of a food in the title. I thought it was pretty funny.

He responded. Here is what he suggested to me:

Pretty frickin’ hilarious. And yes I am Jewish, and yes I have a big nose.